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Setting up your Simple.TV

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2012 04:47PM PDT

Why do I need to set up Simple.TV?

Before you can use Simple.TV, you have to get it ready for use by setting it up.  When you set up Simple.TV, here's what you're doing:
  • Creating a Simple.TV account
  • Activating your service level—limited, trial, Premier (1 year) or Premier (lifetime)
  • Connecting up all the cables
  • Formatting the connected hard drive
  • Scanning your antenna or cable for channels

It sounds like a lot, but our Setup Wizard makes it pretty easy.

What do I need to begin setup?

Here's a list of everything you need to begin setup. Make sure you have all these items ready to go before you start:
  • Your Simple.TV box
  • A hard drive that you know works when connected to other devices (e.g. it shows up if you plug it into your Mac or PC)
  • A working network router with a free port
  • An ethernet cable 
  • An antenna with a good signal (check it by plugging into your TV and scanning)  
  • -- or --
  • A digital basic cable subscription (Simple.TV does not support analog cable)
  • A computer connected to your home network (so you can walk through the setup process on our website)
  • Optionally: a Roku connected to your TV, so you can watch Simple.TV on the big screen


Ready? Let's get set up!

First, go to

Then create an account and sign-in:

Now follow the on-screen instructions carefully. Here's what you be doing:
  • Activating your account with the service level you purchased 
  • Connecting all the cables. Note you MUST connect the power cord LAST to ensure a successful setup
  • Downloading and installing a software update
  • Naming your Simple.TV (awww...)
  • Formatting your hard drive
  • Scanning for channels and selecting which channels to turn on
  • Watching lots and lots of great TV!

Some tips...

  • It can sometimes take a few minutes for Simple.TV to show up on your home network. 
  • The software update may take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes to complete.
  • After channel scanning, you can select which channels you want to appear in your lineup. By default, we turn them all on, but generally speaking, sticking to the channels you really care about (like the major networks) reduces clutter and makes it easier to find the shows you love.

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