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My recordings are missing (UPDATED FEB 8)

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2015 09:02AM PST

We've released another update to our website to assist users who are missing recorded content from their My Shows view.  This update allows you to preview a recording that is not named, and then assign it to a movie or series so it appears correctly labeled in your library. The details on this have been added to the steps below.


Many users will notice that not all of their recorded content is available in the My Shows view.  These recordings still physically exist on your connected hard drive (make sure not to format it) and are accessible.

You may also see shows recording that have previously been deleted, existed on a previously connected hard drive, or otherwise shouldn’t be there.  Please feel free to delete these unwanted or older unplayable show entries.  

To access recorded content which does not appear in the My Shows view:
  1. Restart your DVR by unplugging the power for a few moments and then reconnecting it, please make sure this is at a time when your DVR is not recording. 

  2. After restarting your DVR, login to the Simple.TV website and browse to the My Shows tab.

  3. You should see a new entry titled "Recovered Recordings"

  4. Clicking on this will bring up a list of all of the previously unavailable recordings that we've not been able to match up with program guide data.  

What this means is that all of the recordings that you've made but were not showing up in your library are listed here and are playable, but it doesn't show what the name of each show, movie, or series is.  

At this time it is unlikely we'll be able to automatically restore most of the correct movie and series titles, but we've created a tool that will allow you to add this information to your shows.

To match your Recovered Shows to proper movie and series names:

  1. Make sure you've followed the instructions above including restarting your DVR so the Recovered Shows listed is available.

  2. After restarting your DVR, login to the Simple.TV website and browse to the My Shows tab and click on the tile for "Recovered Recordings."

  3. Locate a recording in the list you'd like to match. You can preview the show using the Watch option, and match up the date and time of the recording. Once you've identified what the recording is, click the Edit button.

  4. In the edit dialog, first choose if the recording is a movie or TV show in the "WHAT KIND OF VIDEO IS THIS" area. Note, most TV specials and made for TV movies are listed under TV shows. 

  5. In the Title field, remove any text currently there and type in the first part of the series or movie name, then click the View Suggested Match button.

  6. A list of results will appear, if none of these matches your content you may want to search again using different text. If you do see a match, click it and choose to save changes.

Note for TV Shows: If your match is a television show, you will need to select the show itself, and then the season and episode of that show before you'll be able to save changes.

We expect some incremental improvements in this tool as we move forward, thanks to everyone for their support!
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